Basic Super Premium
  • websites, breeding databases, breeding tools and more

  • a starter level for small breeding, which allows you to test all its features and insert your first 200 guinea pigs (including guinea pigs from pedigrees)
  • websites, breeding databases, breeding tools and more

  • super level is designed for breeders who want to have unlimited possibilities on the platform and not be limited by anything


  • websites, breeding databases, breeding tools and more

  • premium level is for breeders who want to support the CavyBook project and have unlimited possibilities on this platform


  • possibility to influence the direction of CavyBook development, e.g. through questionnaires


  • Once a year a mystery package* with guinea pig related items will be sent as a thank you for your support :)
< 200 guinea pigs Unlimited Unlimited

4 EUR per month

6,5 EUR per month

10,5 EUR per month



The CavyBook service is provided to the user on the basis of a monthly fee, the amount of which is determined by the applicable price list. After registration, the user is emailed the payment documents, i.e. the account number (and the actual variable symbol) to which the amount is to be paid, always one month in advance.  The service is free for the first one or two months.

The payment must be made by the 20th of the month in advance. We therefore recommend setting up a permanent order for this amount from the date sent in the email after registration.

The service does not commit you to anything, you can cancel your account or stop paying at any time. You will be issued an invoice for each payment you make, which you can download in your "Settings". You can change your level at any time by sending a request to

In the event that payment is not made in advance by the 20th of the month, your account will become inactive from the following month. This means that you will not be able to log in and your site will not be available. You can renew your account for one year by contacting the admin at, who will send you the payment details upon your request and make the site available again after payment. If you do not request a renewal within one year of non-payment, your account will be automatically terminated.

* Mystery package will be sent once a year during the Christmas season. The value of the content will correspond to the number of months the user has supported CavyBook through the premium level in a given year. The minimum number of months to receive the package is 3 months. The package can include e.g. a postcard, magnets, poster, feed, ... be surprised :)