2. eviduj svůj chov

3. use web tools

What we offer

- database of all your guinea pigs, litters and plans

- presentation - own website

- pedigrees in one click

- easy creation of advertisements

- public list of all breedings registered on the cavybook

- statistics of your breeding

- guinea pig weight monitoring including graphs

- root site with advertisements from all registered breeders

- article system for easy experience sharing

- calculation of the degree of relatedness in creating the planned litter

- English and Slovak localization

- komplexní evidence výstav i výstavních výsledků

- počítadlo zobrazení vlastních webových stránek

- complete instructions with help for the whole site... a mnohé další

What we are planning

- more options for pedigree templates

- more edits to your website

- earning badges according to the level of activity

- possibility of warning about guinea pigs in advertisement according to own criteria

- monitor genotypes and subsequent counting of genetic combinations

- monitoring of genetic or other defects and illness